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Getting Unstuck // Mood Shifter List

Getting Unstuck // Mood Shifter List

We all go through times of procrastination, of self-doubt, of times where life just sucks and we feel completely stuck. We all go through it, each one of us but how do you get out of it? We all have different ways to deal with it, some may go into a depression and sink even more into the rut, some might try to soldier through and still not feel like they’re accomplishing anything worthwhile. I go through both of these stages at different times. When I can, I like to just feel my way through, to relax it out, doing the little things that I enjoy, and giving myself reminders of what I know I’m capable of. I’ve put together a list of things that make me happy and somehow help me to get through the rut and feel better about things.

  • Listen to music – choose a different genre of music to what you’ve been listening to, some bumping beats or lyrical loveliness. It helps me to get into a different mentality
  • Drink tea & read a book – it takes my mind elsewhere so I can forget things for a while, and well tea always helps
  • Watch a TV series or a film – I’ll be posting together a list of things I’ve watched and enjoyed soon
  • Write out your goals and make to-do lists for the main ones you really want to accomplish
  • Journal – write out how you’re feeling and how you wish you were feeling. Sometimes just getting those crappy feelings out onto paper helps erase them from my mind
  • Watch inspirational videos on YouTube – there are so many good people on YouTube. Find people you love to watch and subscribe to them to make sure you can find them as soon as you next get yourself into a rut
  • Spend time with the ones you love – it’s not always possible to spend physical time with them, but a phone call or FaceTime can even help a lot.
  • Exercise – whether it be going to an actual gym, going for a run, bike ride or doing a bit of yoga
  • Meditate – sometimes it helps to take a deep breathe and forget about everything. It should clear your mind and help to reassess where you’re at and why you’re stuck
  • Get out of the house – I tend to stay in a lot and hibernate when I’m unsure of what to do, but getting some fresh air clears my head a little

And with most of these (except exercise) if chocolate is involved, for me, it’s helping.


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