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Dear Diary // A Promise To Myself

Dear Diary // A Promise To Myself

Okay, so I’ve been in a bit of rut for longer than I wish to admit. I know what I want, like exactly, I could give every detail, but I just can’t y’know, do anything. L – O – L. No, but, seriously. It’s a problem. It’s not even that things don’t excite me because they do. Just thinking and looking at my future plans and ideas, it excites me to the point that I just can’t do it. So I’ve decided to go about things a little bit differently than I ever have. I’m chillin’. I’m cooling off on focusing on the big things. I’m taking those baby steps. Just little baby steps. I’ll get somewhere quicker with baby steps than I will with no steps.

So, that is my promise to myself. To quit the expectations, enjoy the journey and just chill a bit. To work on the smaller goals, with little steps.

It can be so overwhelming when you just constantly see the bigger picture of everything and nothing seems to be going in the right direction. It’s scary enough having these huge dreams but feeling like they’re just so damn far away? and feeling like you’re just not even crawling your way there? It just sets me back so much in every way. I just feel drained, mentally and somehow even physically. I’m just tired. Tired of feeling like I’m letting myself down when I actually do know that I’m not. I’ve achieved so much, I’m proud of that, and that is what I need to focus on.

So in conclusion to this little late night ramble:

  • I am focusing on smaller goals, that are going to lead to the big scary ones
  • I’m taking baby steps towards said goals
  • I’m relaxing & enjoying the journey
  • I’m focusing on what I’ve achieved so far

So let’s see how I get on with this new way of thinking. I feel better with a new plan!

Do you ever struggle like this? What’re your top tips for getting out of such a rut? Let me know?!


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