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Realising My Life’s Dreams // 1st Post

Realising My Life’s Dreams // 1st Post

I set this website up what feels like a lifetime ago but decided that 2018 would be the year I launched it. So in January I bought this theme and set it all up, more like how I’d wanted it. I didn’t launch it because I just didn’t know where to start with writing actual content. So sitting here today, on a very, very rare day off, I decided it didn’t matter what I posted, as long as I just pressed publish and launched this website. So here’s a little about me and my little life…

Ever since I was a little girl I’ve had big dreams. I never had any idea of where I’d be in the future because I had *so* many ideas, goals and visions.  Now, I often feel lost, and confused as to where my life is heading and that’s because I’m still the same as I was back then. I still have a billion ideas and dreams. I have visions for them all, and in my mind everything looks well planned out. Life doesn’t always work that way though. There are knock backs, things don’t always go to plan but looking at where I’m at right now, I’m so happy.

When I was little, I had a lot of diaries, journals and notebooks (pretty much me today too!). I would come up with a business idea, and plan everything out. From how much money I thought I’d need to start it, to what colour the walls would be, what the layout of the premises would be, the entire processes of how to do things, the pricing I would charge for services… every little detail was planned out. I just knew I’d have my own business someday. As I grew up I fell head over heels in love with video. With films, TV and just creating things from a camera and editing it to make something of it. It was just mind-blowing to me.

Flashing it waaaaay forward to today, being the 23-year-old that I am, I just love looking back at my younger self and realising just how many little pieces have come together to create what now exists in my life. This life I now live is certainly, without a doubt the life that I have created. Of course there are parts of my life that I’m not happy with, parts that are beyond my control, but that’s just how life works. Today, I own 2 businesses, Print Chimp and Sticky Monkey. They’re the businesses I’ve wanted my whole life. I’m so proud of myself for actually going for what I’ve always dreamt of. My life is good, but there is so much more to me that I have yet to discover, so much I want to do. I have yet to even start on some of the things that I want to do, but I will do them.

From starting my own business ✓, having my own website ✓, having my own YouTube channel, with videos I have created, to having my own Podcast, writing a book, writing, directing and producing something. There are just so many things I am yet to do. And I cannot wait for it alllll. Because I know they will happen, if I want them to, if i do. I just have to start. Start somewhere and just do, then things will get moving. That’s exactly what I decided when I started my first business, when I started my second business and when I finally decided today to just do this website and get it out there. You’ve just got to make a choice, and do it.

Life excites me.

I know I can do anything I want to do, because I get to create my life. I get to wake up every day and I am still breathing. I get to choose what to do next. You see, life is full of choices. That is what life is. Life is choices. We all get to choose.

I’m so excited for the future, for my plans… and for the unknown little things that pop up.

Thank you for taking the time to read my first post. Now, make your own choices and go create your life.



  1. April 8, 2018 / 9:56 am

    This is truly inspirational, you should be so proud, what a lovely way to share positivity ?

    • LoisRidpath
      April 23, 2018 / 6:52 pm

      Thank you so much!

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